Unpublished work

  • A Gentle Introduction to Gaussian Processes, Report in three parts, August 2008-2015(Approx. 100k downloads as of 2015)

  • A Review of the State of the Art in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Recurrent Syncope

  • Syncope and Signal Processing

  • A Comparison of HRV Techniques

    Selected Presentations

    • Task Allocation with Incentive Engineering, Society for Petroleum Engineers webinar (Technical Section: Data Science and Engineering Analytics), 15 December 2021

    • Tips and tricks learned, teaching math online, Education Technology Office webinar, University of Toronto, 20 July 2021

    • Two Cool Applications of Matrix Factorization, Toronto Machine Learning Book Group, Canadian Tire Convention Centre, 19 October 2015

    • Data Analytics and Machine Learning, Aerospace Technology Institute visit, United Kingdom, 9 July 2015

    • Social Networks, Community Structure, and Extracting Knowledge from Graphs, University of Oxford, 28 April 2015

    • Network Analysis and Eigenprovenance, Machine Learning Research Group, Oxford, 4 December 2014

    • Decision Analytics Problem Areas, BP DA-Network Meeting, Boston, USA, 8 May 2013

    • Introduction to Decision Analytics, BP Fuels Value Chain Marketing, Pangbourne, UK, 29 January 2013

    • Trust, Provenance and Information Fusion Models, ORCHID All-Hands Meeting, 3 October 2011

    • Soft Partitioning in Networks via Bayesian Nonnegative Matrix Factorization, 31st International Workshop on Bayesian Inference and Maximum Entropy Methods, Waterloo, Canada, 13 July 2011

    • Career Pathfinding for Researchers, Somerville College Junior Research Fellows, Senior Common Room, 1 April 2011

    • Exact Marginalization in Graphs, Physics Department NJC, Oxford, 20 September 2010

    • Bayesian Multi-Agent Decision Making, ALADDIN Symposium, Farnborough, 1 October 2009

    • Decentralized Dynamic Coalition Formation, Workshop on Advances in Multi-arm Bandits and Sequential Decision Making, Imperial College London, 31 March 2009

    • Can Multi-Agent Systems Assist with Community Detection?, University of Southampton Agents Group, 19 March 2009

    • Optimal Coverage of Moving Objects Using DCF, given twice in January 2009: at the Natural Computing Applications Forum, Sunderland; and at the Oxford University Computing Laboratory

    • Oxford Science, Past, Present, and Future, British Society for the History of Science, 4 July 2008

    • What the Universe is Made of, PTLLS, Oxford & Cherwell Valley College, 21 June 2008

    • Challenges in Multi-Agent Systems, Oxford University Research Staff Society, 11 June 2008

    • The Weibull Mixture Model, ARGUS II DARP Annual Review, Bristol, 19 May 2006

    • Vital Signs Analysis for Vasovagal Syndrome Patients, Signal Processing and Neural Networks research group, Oxford, July 2002

    • Field-Programmable Gate Arrays, Seneca College School of Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology, December 2001

    • Printed Circuit Board Technology, Ontario Engineering Competition, University of Windsor, February 1999 [Result: Second place]

    • Positron Emission Tomography, Ontario Engineering Competition, University of Waterloo, February 1998

    • Materials Science Laboratory Analysis, Celestica Inc., Toronto, August 1998

    • The Hale-Bopp Comet, Trinity College Science Society, University of Toronto, April 1997

    Non-technical work