Unpublished work

  • A Gentle Introduction to Gaussian Processes, Report in three parts, August 2008-2015 (Over 100k downloads as of 2020)

  • A Review of the State of the Art in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Recurrent Syncope

  • Syncope and Signal Processing

  • A Comparison of HRV Techniques

    Selected Presentations

    • Task Allocation with Incentive Engineering, Society for Petroleum Engineers webinar (Technical Section: Data Science and Engineering Analytics), 15 December 2021

    • Tips and tricks learned, teaching math online, Education Technology Office webinar, University of Toronto, 20 July 2021

    • Two Cool Applications of Matrix Factorization, Toronto Machine Learning Book Group, Canadian Tire Convention Centre, 19 October 2015

    • Data Analytics and Machine Learning, Aerospace Technology Institute visit, United Kingdom, 9 July 2015

    • Social Networks, Community Structure, and Extracting Knowledge from Graphs, University of Oxford, 28 April 2015

    • Network Analysis and Eigenprovenance, Machine Learning Research Group, Oxford, 4 December 2014

    • Decision Analytics Problem Areas, BP DA-Network Meeting, Boston, USA, 8 May 2013

    • Introduction to Decision Analytics, BP Fuels Value Chain Marketing, Pangbourne, UK, 29 January 2013

    • Trust, Provenance and Information Fusion Models, ORCHID All-Hands Meeting, 3 October 2011

    • Soft Partitioning in Networks via Bayesian Nonnegative Matrix Factorization, 31st International Workshop on Bayesian Inference and Maximum Entropy Methods, Waterloo, Canada, 13 July 2011

    • Career Pathfinding for Researchers, Somerville College Junior Research Fellows, Senior Common Room, 1 April 2011

    • Exact Marginalization in Graphs, Physics Department NJC, Oxford, 20 September 2010

    • Bayesian Multi-Agent Decision Making, ALADDIN Symposium, Farnborough, 1 October 2009

    • Decentralized Dynamic Coalition Formation, Workshop on Advances in Multi-arm Bandits and Sequential Decision Making, Imperial College London, 31 March 2009

    • Can Multi-Agent Systems Assist with Community Detection?, University of Southampton Agents Group, 19 March 2009

    • Optimal Coverage of Moving Objects Using DCF, given twice in January 2009: at the Natural Computing Applications Forum, Sunderland; and at the Oxford University Computing Laboratory

    • Oxford Science, Past, Present, and Future, Sixth Joint Meeting of the British Society for the History of Science, the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science, and the History of Science Society, 4 July 2008

    • What the Universe is Made of, PTLLS, Oxford & Cherwell Valley College, 21 June 2008

    • Challenges in Multi-Agent Systems, Oxford University Research Staff Society, 11 June 2008

    • The Weibull Mixture Model, ARGUS II DARP Annual Review, Bristol, 19 May 2006

    • Vital Signs Analysis for Vasovagal Syndrome Patients, Signal Processing and Neural Networks research group, Oxford, July 2002

    • Field-Programmable Gate Arrays, Seneca College School of Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology, December 2001

    • Printed Circuit Board Technology, Ontario Engineering Competition, University of Windsor, February 1999 [Result: Second place]

    • Positron Emission Tomography, Ontario Engineering Competition, University of Waterloo, February 1998

    • Materials Science Laboratory Analysis, Celestica Inc., Toronto, August 1998

    • The Hale-Bopp Comet, Trinity College Science Society, University of Toronto, April 1997

    Non-technical work